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Merry Christmas!

Lydash / Dec 26, 2016
First of all, both myself and Vrolkarr would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we hope you all have a fantastic new year.

Where has the time gone eh?

We did not think in the middle of October when we started up the guild that a mere 2 months later we would be a 2/7M (3/3) raid guild, although it should be 3/7! (damn you 0% Ursoc!) so it really is a testament to everyone's hard work and dedication that we've gotten this far.

Perhaps it's the whisky talking, or maybe it's taken the break from raiding for Christmas for us to reflect on just how far we have come, and what a fantastic group of people we have.

I know it sounds sentimental but the people we have are genuinely what make this game and what keep me logging on every night, whether it be the blossoming bromance of Alatz and Antrhax, Vrol calling for "BIG HEALZ" or people that when they first joined us and didn't think they were good enough now being confident mythic raiders.

I hope you all take this time to spend with your friends and families, get fat and drunk and come back in the new year ready to take the Nighthold.



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Omg, nothing about the imba DH Lolyx????
Merry Xmas to everybody!!

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