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<Sanctuary> Frequently Asked Questions


Am I allowed alts in the guild?
Yes, within reason. If you have like, 10 alts then maybe just your more active ones. We don’t want to clog the roster with unused alts.

Is the guild currently recruiting?
As of 20/03/2017, yes we are recruiting in an effort to create a second mythic team.

What classes is the guild currently recruiting?
Largely ranged DPS, but will consider exceptional players of any role.

Am I allowed friends in the guild?

Yes. We don’t specifically have a casual or social rank or anything, but we accept friends of members. If they are active, friendly and have some intention of raiding at some point, then that’s good with us.

Can I just join as a social member?
No. We want the guild to be a tight community of active players. Swamping the guild with people who show up once every two weeks and then wanting loot from the odd raids isn’t particularly fair. We at least want members to aspire to raid.

How long can I be inactive for before I get kicked?
Depending on how long you’ve been with us, we tend to do it between 20-30 days. However, if you tell us in advance that you’re going to be away for whatever reason, then we won’t kick you.

How do I move up from being a trial?
There is no set time, we just move someone up when we feel they have contributed to the guild enough, both in raiding and socially.

What does it mean if I’m a veteran?
A veteran is simply someone who has been with us a long time and has contributed a lot to our guild progress and atmosphere, so it’s a rank to show our appreciation. There isn’t a maximum number of veterans, and we’d like to think most members could become one.

I would like to become an officer; how do I do that?
We don’t ask for people to apply, or state that they are interested, we just ask and pick people on several factors. We pick officers based on their length of time with the guild, ability in raids, social presence, commitment and attitude in raids and their overall character.

Does my rank guarantee me any raid privileges?
No. Guaranteeing spots or loot is simply unfair. It makes higher ranks lazy, and does not reward well performing lower ranks. We may consider your rank when there is a lot of sign ups, but it does not grant any raid privileges. It does however open more bank withdrawals.

What do you want from me as a member?
Honestly, above everything else is just to enjoy the game. If you aren’t enjoying it with us, then leave and find somewhere that you do! Other than that, we’d like people to be social, active, committed and willing to improve. Attitude in raiding is very important also.

Does the guild take logs?
Yes, simply search ‘Sanctuary’ in Warcraft logs and our main raid logs will be public.


What times do you raid?
• Wednesday 20.45-23:00 ST (As this is HC run, it tends to overrun until we clear but people can leave if they wish)
• Thursday 20.45-00:00 ST (Mythic progress)
• Sunday 19.45-23:00 ST (Mythic progress)

The opening 15 minutes of each raid is just to organise the raid and summon, prepare and kill early trash.

What do you expect of me in the raid?
• To try your best and have fun
• To respect the decisions of the raid leader / leading players and to follow their tactics, regardless of what you might have done in the past
• To respect your peers in the raid. Do not shout at mistakes, do not overstep your mark or try to publicly shame or embarrass others. The raid leader will privately speak to people about performance, it is not your place to do so. Any abusive or generally shitty behaviour will result in simply being kicked from the raid.
• To accept any private, constructive criticism and to react in a positive, mature manner.

Is there breaks in the raid?
We aim to take two 5 minute breaks in a raid, one every hour.

What should I bring to the raid?
Flasks and food are compulsory for every raid we do. For mythic raids, we fully expect enchants/pre pots/vantus and defiled augment for later bosses. Please also bring tomes if you need to change spec, as we do not want people HSing mid raid and repair in advance.

Do I need to sign up to the raids on the calender or can I just turn up?
We organise the teams the night before, so we need you to sign up and will not take you into account if you have not signed up.

What happens if I do not turn up?

Life happens sometimes that you can’t plan for. However, if you consistently no show then we will simply prioritise you less for raids, especially progress raids.

Am I still allowed to come if I’m late?
If you give us prior warning, it’s not a mythic raid and it’s not too late then yes. Giving us some time in advance allows us to amend the team.

How many teams do you have?
We plan to have 2 teams. This is NOT an A team and B team. The intention is to have 2 equally competitive teams which can both raid mythic. The teams will not be set and can change dependant on requirements.

How is loot distributed?
• The loot is distributed through a manual loot council system, where chosen officers/veterans vote on who to give the loot to on a variety of factors.
• Loot is distributed based on ilvl upgrade / time with guild / performance / stat priority / raiding attitude / overall ilvl. All of these factors are taken into account, not just one.
• Depending on your team, the loot council will consist of either
1. Lydash, Vroll, Malyr, Alatz and Borrelnoot
2. Breskvica, Platform, Rawshí and Shaggy


I’m not happy with the team I was placed in this week, can you change me in future?
We will split the teams based on an equal sharing of roles, classes and performance so please consider why you were placed in the team and how it could benefit everyone else. If you would like to raid with a specific person, we can take that into account but we fully expect people to try their hardest, regardless of whom they are raiding with.

Someone else got loot that I wanted or believe I deserved, why was I not given it?
As stated before, we consider a lot of factors when allocating loot so read through those and think if they perhaps met the criteria more. Maybe they have been here longer, or perform better, or turned up on time and helped trash etc. Getting angry about loot does not paint yourself in a good light, and will often make the guilds leadership think you care more about yourself than the benefit of progress and the team. Nighthold will be around a long time to farm, and there are plenty other outlets for loot too.

Why was I not picked for the mythic progress team this week?
We pick the mythic team largely based off our logs and the needed raid composition for that boss or tactic. Your answer may very well lie within the logs so we welcome people to review their own performance. We also need a balance of ranged and melee, so we may take a ranged DPS even if they did less damage than you. With the creation of the new mythic team however, we should hopefully not have an issue with including more.

Someone in the guild has acted in an inappropriate or offensive manner towards me, what can you do?
If you have evidence than we ask about it further and then if needs be kick them. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or anything that may cause personal offence to a member.
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